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Name: Gina Marie Love
Age: 14
location: az
sexual prefrence: im straight
single/ dating: boyfriend...
what makes you hot: my "pornstar" name (haha seth), my perky butt jus hot *brushes shoulders* wut can i say
Is your taste hot: well yes i do taste hot...jk! yes i have good taste in music..sometimes.
favorite records at the moment: Fire it up:: Kottonmouth Kings
list 10 bands: kmk, bone thugs, sublime, taking back sunday, 311, atmosphere, sugarclut, silverstein, blink 182, ATOMIC KITTEN!!
5 movies: halfbaked, the lion king, the goonies, the breakfast clue, and sixteen candles
favorite book lately: last book i read was To Kill a Mockingbird. well uh i would have to say... idk
3 books: Catcher in the Rye, North by Night, and..all i can think of
what song gives you goosebumps? headstrong:: trapt
what was your first concert? *embaressed face* N'SYNC but i grew out of that faze. i think the whole world has.
what exactly is emo to you? emo= emotional. Somebody who is emotional to a great extent and most of the time, makes a situation bigger than it really is. in other words.." omg my boyfriend broke up with im gunna go slit my wrists."
if you could kick it with anyone, who would it be? dead person: tupac because he was way way way ahead of his time. alive: adam brody because he is hott! really hott! and he is mine and i love him!! haha
what song makes you want to smash your radio? barbie girl:: aqua
what are your major influences? my friends dog.
what is your most embarrassing c.d.? Hansen but its in my closet under a pile of old stuff.
Post a fav lyric or quote: you can drink away ur pain and smoke away ur sorrow.but the truth remains, it'll be the same tomorrow
Post 4 or more pictures of you: C:\Documents and Settings\gina\My Documents\My Pictures\Skool Pic's\spit on the el touge.jpg
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