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Name: Daniel Brian Jackson the original
Age: 15
location: Gilbert, arizona
sexual prefrence: f3males
single/ dating: single
Turn on's/turn off's: Hotg irls, lesbians, ect.
Fav place to shop: Cheba Hut
what makes you hot: Jessica, naked girls (including Jessica), Lebians
Is your taste hot: Hell yes
favorite records at the moment: Led Zeppelin - Remasters
list 10 bands: Led Zeppelin, Blood Brothers, Queen, eagles, jimi hendrix, Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Rolling Stones, Styx
5 movies: Dazed and Confused, Haggard, Road Trip, Man With No Name Trilogy, Lord Of the Rings Trilogy
favorite book lately: Son of an Outlaw
3 books: Son of an Outlaw, the face, Dark Rivers of the Heart

what song gives you goosebumps? Don't Take The Girl
what was your first concert? Clay Walker
what exactly is emo to you? don't know
if you could kick it with anyone, who would it be? Bud
what song makes you want to smash your radio? Evanesance songs
what are your major influences? family and friends
what is your most embarrassing c.d.? dont have any bad cds
Post a fav lyric or quote. "I'll see you on the dark side of the Moon"
Who'd you hear of us from? Jessica
Post 4 or more pictures of you.

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