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Ok, I put it in a LJ cut, I didn't know how to because I am more of a non livejournal user except to check up on friends, and sorry if I disusted you all.
Name: Matt skakid
Age: 18
location: Phoenix, Arizona
sexual prefrence: My Girlfriend
single/ dating: Dating
Turn on's/turn off's: hugs, linux, colors, rain, getting caught (theft or kissing in public) / mean, stupid, microsoft
Fav place to shop: With money?
what makes you hot: Wait.... I am supposed to be hot for this?
Is your taste hot: Like chicken
favorite records at the moment: Anything by everclear or Dance Hall Crashers
list 10 bands: Cake, Codename: Rocky, Forces of evil, Dance Hall Crashers, Counting Crows, Rancid, Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, Orgy, Voodoo Glow Skulls
5 movies: Hackers, SLC Punk, Trainspotting, Ghost Busters, Sid and Nancy
favorite book lately: Balapagos
3 books: Core PHP, Core Java, Visual Basic Black Book
what song gives you goosebumps? Care Bears
what was your first concert? Bad Religeon
what exactly is emo to you? Me when I get broken up with
if you could kick it with anyone, who would it be? Jesus... then I could get a cheap stereo
what song makes you want to smash your radio? too many... song by britney saying she has slept with too many.... that night
what are your major influences? my dog
what is your most embarrassing c.d.? I burnt a copy of Linkin Park... eeck
Post a fav lyric or quote. "girls make tears not graves" - me. The bouncing souls liked the quote as well, the day I told it to them my ex was next to me.... it was funny.
Who'd you hear of us from? micrimsontears
Post 4 or more pictures of you.
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