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Name: Kelly Anne Baris
location: arizona...BLAH
sexual prefrence: im straight...
single/ dating: single
what makes you hot: um the sun?..sorry i dont quiet get that
Is your taste hot: um well doesnt everyone think their taste is hot?
favorite records at the moment: i dont really have a favorite
list 10 bands: [keep in mind i cant spell sorry!...].......Rascal Flatts, Simple Plan, Counting Crows, NickleBack, Takeing Back Sunday, The Format, Reba, Brand New, Jimmy Buffet[hehe], Kenney Chesney
5 movies: Legally Blonde, Princess Dairies, HARRY POTTER and the sourcers stone,HARRY POTTER and the chamber of secerts, HARRY POTTER and the prinsinor of ascaban [DAM IT I CANT SPELL THERE EITHER!!!]
favorite book lately: mm i do NOT read!!
3 books: Harry Potter 1, and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 hehe that was 5 books i went overboard!!!
what song gives you goosebumps? never gotten goosebumps from a song?
what was your first concert? sadly ive never been to one
what exactly is emo to you? hm too many definitions idk what it is to me
if you could kick it with anyone, who would it be? Ashton hot want to touch the hiney!!! [haha i have to admit i had never heard that saying until kortney said it the other day and it made me laugh]
what song makes you want to smash your radio? i dont have anger promblems like that
what are your major influences? my brother and sister and friends
what is your most embarrassing c.d.? this flinstiones CD thing that i ordered off of a ceral box when i wa slittle hehe i kne wit sucked but i thought it was kool for some odd reason.
Post a fav lyric or quote: "i know i know, ALOOOOOOONE" hehe its from shrek 2 cuz i saw that today and couldnt think of nehting right now.
Post 4 or more pictures of you: i dont know how to post pictures on here too complex for me
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